IV Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic: The Annual Meeting of Golf, Culture and Conservation

The Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic transcends mere elite sporting competition; it is an ode to the passion for golf, the rich culture of Madeira Island and the commitment to preserving nature. This year's tournament, which took place last weekend in conjunction with the traditional Madeira Island Flower Festival, fused sport and culture in a unique way, providing a memorable atmosphere for all involved, whether participants or spectators.

In this edition, we had the honour of supporting the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA), an institution dedicated to the conservation of birds and their habitats. During the awards ceremony, participants contributed to this noble cause by purchasing raffle tickets.

In addition, we had the special presence of influencers Jay Bothroyd and Trey Niven, from the OuttaBoundz Show, thanks to the continued support of the  Madeira Promotion Association. With their passions for sport and global influence, Jay Bothroyd, a former professional footballer, and Trey Niven, a professional golfer, brought another dimension to the event.

Palheiro Golf, located on the paradise island of Madeira, is a treasure among European golf destinations, with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and a meticulously designed course. Each hole is a masterpiece designed to challenge even the most experienced golfers, providing an unrivalled experience, regardless of skill level.

This year's IV Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic brought together 92 participants for a day of excellence, skill and healthy competition under the radiant Madeira sun.

Congratulations to this year's winners! In the men's category, Roberto Passos (43 points, even though he was ill, he showed an excellent performance) took first place, followed by Carlos Sidónio and Mário Trindade. In the women's category, Hedwig Munn took first place, followed by Celina Abreu and Gill Rilley. We would also like to highlight Alexandre Henriques in the Gross Overall category and Korbinian Kopfler in the International category.

In addition to the winners, we would like to recognise the extraordinary achievements in the Special Awards: in the Longest Drive: Trey Niven, with an impressive 290 metres, and Celina Abreu, reaching 206 metres. In the Nearest the pin, Tony Asquith, with an accuracy of 55 centimetres, and Gilda Sousa, with a distance of just 1 metre and 54 centimetres.

We would like to thank all the players, sponsors and collaborators who contributed to the success of this event. May the Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic continue to inspire passion for golf and nature conservation for years to come!


Photos, HERE.

Palheiro Golf is in the final preparations to host the most exciting event of the year: the 4th Edition of the Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic!



This annual event is not only a celebration of elite golf, but also a tribute to the unique beauty and culture of Madeira Island. As usual, the Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic coincides with Madeira Island's characteristic Flower Festival, scheduled this year for Sunday 5 May 2024. This synergy between sport and culture creates a truly unique and memorable atmosphere for all participants and spectators.


In this edition, we are proudly supporting SPEA (Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds), an organisation dedicated to the conservation of birds and their habitats. We will be selling raffle tickets until the day of the event, where prizes will be drawn during the prize-giving ceremony. By taking part, players will not only have the chance to win incredible prizes, but will also be contributing to a noble cause that helps protect wildlife and preserve the natural beauty of Madeira Island.


We are also excited to announce that, thanks to the continued support of the Madeira Promotion Association, this year we will have the honour of welcoming two special guests: influencers Jay Bothroyd, and Trey Niven, from the OuttaBoundz Show. Jay Bothroyd, a former professional footballer, and Trey Niven, a professional golfer, will bring a new dimension to the event with their passion for sport and worldwide influence.


We can't wait to welcome all participants and spectators to what promises to be another exciting chapter in the history of Palheiro Golf.


About Palheiro Golf:

Located on the paradisiacal island of Madeira, Palheiro Golf is a true treasure among European golf destinations. Framed by one of the region's most breathtaking landscapes, this golfing sanctuary offers captivating panoramas of the Atlantic Ocean and a meticulously sculpted course that challenges even the most experienced golfers. Each hole is a masterpiece in itself, designed to provide an unrivalled experience, regardless of the player's skill level.


For more information, please contact clube.golfe@palheiroestate.com or call +351 291 790 126 or +351 918 240 050.

Full house and great range mark success of Women's Golf Day at Palheiro Golf

Palheiro Golf is delighted to announce the success of Women's Golf Day, held on 30 June at Palheiro Golf, just outside the centre of Funchal. The event brought together promising female golf enthusiasts in a day full of excitement, conviviality and sporting excellence.


With great satisfaction, we noted that about 80% of the registrations for the event were from ladies interested in having their first contact with golf. This expressive participation reflects the growing interest and enthusiasm of women in discovering and exploring this fascinating sport.


In addition to the 9-hole tournament, for the more experienced players, we also offered golf clinics at four activity stations: Putting Green, Chipping Green, Driving Range and Closest to The Wine Bottle, together with a meditation/yoga station that provided moments of relaxation and well-being during the afternoon.


The tournaments were well attended, with a full house of golf enthusiasts. Palheiro Golf is proud to have provided a welcoming and inclusive environment for all participants, creating a vibrant atmosphere of healthy competition and celebration.


One of the great achievements of the event was the significant reach it achieved in the region. Through an effective publicity strategy and the support of the Madeira Promotion Association, Women's Golf Day received extensive local and regional media attention. Social media engagement was also impressive, with a growing number of followers and shares.


A prominent figure who brightened the event was the actress, Vanessa Martins, who kindly accepted the invitation to participate and contribute to the promotion of women's golf. Her presence brought a special touch to the event and inspired all the players to put even more effort into their shots.


Palheiro Golf would like to thank the Madeira Promotion Association for their invaluable support which made Vanessa Martins' presence possible and the successful running of the event. We also express our gratitude to all our partners who actively collaborated to make the tournament an outstanding success.


This event marks just the beginning of a series of initiatives Palheiro Golf plans to undertake to promote and strengthen the women's golf community in the region.

We are committed to providing equal and exciting opportunities for women to enjoy, learn and compete in this incredible sport.


Photos, HERE.


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I WOMENS GOLF DAY - at Palheiro Golf with the presence of actress Vanessa Martins

World event dedicated to women is part of Palheiro Golf's 30th anniversary celebrations, with the presence of actress Vanessa Martins.


Womens Golf Day, a worldwide event dedicated exclusively to women, is being organised as part of Palheiro Golf's 30th anniversary celebrations. The event will take place on the afternoon of June 30, 2023, at Palheiro Golf in Funchal, and will be open to women of all ages, golfers or not.


The aim of the event is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for women from all over the world, encouraging them to connect and have fun while playing golf, socialising and participating in other exciting activities. This event is being held simultaneously with 80 countries around the world, with Palheiro Golf being the only Portuguese club, registered so far. There will be a range of fun and interactive activities for participants, regardless of their golfing ability, and plenty of prizes.


The event will also feature inspirational talks from leading women in their respective fields, such as sport, business and entrepreneurship. In addition, the event will feature a special appearance by Portuguese actress Vanessa Martins, known for her performances in various television and film productions. Vanessa Martins is an enthusiastic advocate for gender equality and female empowerment, and her presence at the event will be an opportunity for participants to be inspired and learn from her experience.


"We are very excited to celebrate Palheiro Golf's 30th anniversary with this event dedicated to women," said Paul Saunders, Executive Golf Director at Palheiro Golf. "We believe that women are the driving force behind golf's success, and it is important to us to honour their achievements and provide a fun and inclusive environment where women of all ages and abilities can come together, play golf, learn and connect with each other."


The event will be a unique opportunity for women to connect and be inspired, while enjoying the sport of golf and ending with a wonderful Sunset Cocktail on the terrace of the newly renovated Vista Balancal Restaurant. In this part of the programme we will be supported by our sponsors/partners, namely CANNING's , CORAL and ASHOKA SPA.


For more information, please visit the official WOMENS GOLF DAY website or get in touch by email: clube.golfe@palheiroestate.com.


PROGRAMME, to be announced soon.

III Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic Supports World Cetacean Alliance and Showcases Madeira's Beauty

Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic Supports World Cetacean Alliance and Showcases Madeira's Beauty


The 2023 Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic, held in Madeira, attracted golfers from around the world to support the World Cetacean Alliance. Taking place from April 28-29 on Palheiro Golf's par-72 course, the tournament marked the third edition and coincided with the 30th anniversary of the Palheiro Golf. The event aimed to raise awareness for the World Cetacean Alliance, a nonprofit organization advocating for the freedom and protection of dolphins and whales. Madeira is renowned for its diverse wildlife, including cetaceans, and responsible whale and dolphin-watching is a popular activity on the island.


Despite an ironic twist, where both the men's and ladies' first-place prizes were won by left-handed players, the sunny Madeira weekend was filled with excitement. João Paulo Gomes and Carla Fernandes emerged as champions, each scoring 43 Stableford points. France's Catherine Blaye was the highest-placed international player. The event also featured French influencer Arnaud Serie, known for his trick-shot skills and Instagram following of over 60,000. The action-packed event included longest drive and closest-to-the-pin competitions.


Paul Saunders, executive golf director at Palheiro Golf, expressed pride in hosting an event that attracts golfers from around the world while supporting an essential charity. He emphasized the significance of preserving the whales and dolphins that contribute to Madeira's identity. The Palheiro Golf course offers breathtaking views of Funchal and the sea. Adjacent to the course, the Palheiro Gardens showcase a wide array of exotic plants. Palheiro Golf is part of the historic Palheiro Nature Estate, which is over 200 years old.


Madeira, named the world's leading island destination for eight consecutive years at the World Travel Awards, boasts an exceptional climate with mild temperatures and moderate humidity throughout the year. The annual Flower Festival, which coincided with the Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic, attracted tourists worldwide with its celebration of floral beauty and diverse events. Madeira, often referred to as the "island of eternal spring," covers 740km² and has a population of approximately 260,000. Its sub-tropical climate, volcanic soil, and unique eco-system create a distinctive environment where banana trees grow alongside vineyards.



03 & 04 May.

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III Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic: A must-attend event for golf enthusiasts.

The 3rd edition of the Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic takes place on 28 and 29 April.


Funchal, Madeira - Palheiro Golf, one of Madeira's most luxurious golf destinations, is delighted to announce the next Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic. The event is scheduled to take place on 28 and 29 April 2023 and is expected to attract golf enthusiasts from around the world.

The Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic is a two-day golf tournament that promises to be an exciting and memorable experience for all participants. The event is open to golfers of all levels, with several men's and women's categories. Participants will have the opportunity to play on the Palheiro Golf course, renowned for its stunning views and challenging layout.

In addition to the golf tournament, participants will also have the opportunity to enjoy the stunning scenery of the Palheiro Gardens, a lush botanical garden located next to the golf course. The garden houses a vast collection of exotic plants and flowers, making it a perfect place for nature lovers. This event is the perfect ally to the famous Flower Festival of Madeira and for this very reason is part of the Regional Directorate of Tourism's calendar of events.



The Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic is not only about golf and nature, it's also an opportunity to enjoy the best delicacies of Madeira's gastronomy. The event will feature a Sunset Party on the panoramic terrace of the Vista Balancal Restaurant where participants can enjoy some of the local delicacies prepared by Chef Gonçalo Bota and Chef Teresa Freitas. Rum Diplomático will be on hand to prepare some of their legendary cocktails, as well as Coral and Atlantis wine to celebrate a unique sunset.

"We are thrilled to host the Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic and welcome golf enthusiasts from around the world," said Paul Saunders, Executive Director of Palheiro Golf. "The event promises to be a fantastic experience, combining golf, nature and culinary delights. We look forward to seeing everyone on the course!"


Arnaud Serie - trick shot expert and global golf influencer.

This event, this year, will also be attended by the famous French golfer, trick shots expert and influencer - Arnaud Serie: who is one of the World's top digital influencers in the Golf industry.

Arnaud Serie, also known as @arnaudseriegolf, has combined his passion for the sport, challenge and brilliance to help develop the game through a series of engaging digital projects designed to attract the next generation of golfers and promote brands, golf courses, resorts and hotels.

Recognised as one of the biggest digital influencers and trick artist in the golf industry by magazines such as Golf Digest and Forbes France.

Living the motto "Doing things differently" which can be witnessed, in his publications, on social media, where he plays golf in his flat, in supermarkets, on rooftops or in hotel rooms.


This international event already has bookings from hotel guests, tourism and local residents from major markets such as Germany, UK, as well as emerging golf markets for Madeira such as Canada, America, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Slovenia, Finland, Brazil, Sweden, Spain, Luxembourg, South Africa and Estonia.


Solidarity - World Cetacean Alliance

Raffle tickets will be sold to be donated to the World Cetacean Alliance Partner (Whale Heritage Site), an organization whose mission is to protect cetaceans and their habitats through global collaboration.



Local: Palheiro Gardens

Date and Time: 29.04.2023 at 15:00

A morning of carnival golf

Around 7.40 a.m. the "masqueraders" started to arrive at Palheiro Golf. A lively morning of great fun. The rain still gave the air of its grace, but the sun soon appeared and at 08h30 began the Carnival Tournament, with outings in shot-gun. This competition was disputed in fourball better ball format, teams of 2 players. To make this tournament more lively and challenging, players could only play with 3 clubs and 1 putter.    


After the Tournament, the conviviality was at the Clubhouse, where there was no lack of the typical "sonhos/malassadas" of this season, which delighted the players.    


Tournament Winning Teams:  

  • 1st Place: Bob Stweart and David Whyte (41 points).  
  • 2nd Place: Luciano Homem de Gouveia and João Vacas (39 points).  
  • 3rd Place: Teresa Gonçalves and Celeste Carolino (38 points).  


There was also a special prize for the team with the best Carnival costume. The voting was done by all the teams participating in the tournament. Andy Millington and Gabriela Sousa, our hippy golfers were the winners. In 2nd place with only 1 point difference were the Snow white girls, Élia Handa and Maria Câmara.  


This was the 2nd event of the 30 years celebration activities calendar of Palheiro Golf.   


The Club thanks all the members for their presence in this tournament. Thanks also to the 2023 official sponsors of this year of celebration of Palheiro Golf's 30th anniversary, namely: Savoy Signature, NOS Empresas. Empresa de Cervejas da Madeira, Direçao Regional do Turismo and BPI, as well as our partners. 

Palheiro Golf Junior Academy returns home with 9 medals

The 1st Drive Challenge Madeira Circuit Tournament took place this Sunday at Porto Santo Golfe, with the participation of 24 young athletes from the Region's golf schools.


The Palheiro Golf Club was present with 10 athletes and returned home with 9 medals.


Rodrigo Abreu, in the Under 18 category, had an excellent performance, being the second best classified strokeplay with +6 strokes, five holes at par, two bogey and two doubles.


In the Under 14's category, André Gonçalves showed that he is a talented young man and won with +6 strokes, after having played four holes with par, four with one stroke up and one double. Also surprising was Maria Câmara's second place, with +7 strokes and a birdie on hole 6, which she did in four shots.


In the Under 12's category, Salvador Rodrigues once again showed that he is a young man with great skills. Besides winning his category, with +3 strokes, he made a birdie at hole 9, a par 3, which he did in two strokes. He also played five holes at par, two bogeys and a double.


Finally, in the Under 10's, Qais Khayali and Matilde Câmara filled (respectively) the 2nd and 3rd positions in the strokeplay classification podium.


We would like to thank all the parents who make it possible for our young athletes to participate in these competitions away from home.


A special thanks goes also to PXO Golf Club and Porto Santo Golfe for, once again, having welcomed us in this sportive weekend.

An eagle on 18 marked last Saturday's ASHOKA SPA - St Valentine's Golf Tournament

ASHOKA SPA Valentine's Day Tournament, was the first event of the calendar of activities celebrating Palheiro Golf's 30th anniversary, held last Saturday, 11th February 2023. 


The rain the night before had played a few tricks on the course maintenance, but thanks to the extra effort of this fearless team it was possible to follow up on what was a challenging tournament. 

The 60 players respected the red dress code, the colour of love, and were treated to a special treat before the start of the game, a hand massage, sponsored by ASHOKA SPA.  


This special tournament was played in Texas Scramble, by pairs of players, who had to choose their best ball to play. 


At the prize giving ceremony, Birgitte Moukom and her team from ASHOKA SPA, awarded couples massages for the 3 best ranked teams. Winning, by tie-breaker in the last 9 holes, the Franciscos (Fernandes and Carvalho Gouveia), this double wonder team managed a fantastic score of 51 points thanks to their several birdies and holes at par. The second place went to the Rodrigues team, father and son (Duarte and Salvador), dressed properly with their Team Love Shirt, also with a score of 51 points, where the day was worth for the fantastic eagle, in hole 18, by Rodrigues Jr. Closing the podium in 3rd place was the team José Ornelas and Hélio Neves with 47 points. 

Each player, from each winning team, also received cinema vouchers, sponsored by NOS Empresas, and a box of chocolates to sweeten Valentine's Day, sponsored by UAUCACAU. 


All this celebration would not be possible without the support of our main sponsors 2023: Savoy Signature, NOS Empresas, Empresa de Cervejas da Madeira and BPI and also our partners. 

A special thanks to the partners of this magnificent event: ASHOKA SPA and UAUCACAU. 

Madeira well represented at the 2023 National Youth Championship

André Gonçalves was the figure of the Madeiran entourage at the start of the Drive Tour - National Youth Championship 2023 in golf, which took place last weekend at the two Penina golf courses, where a total of 116 golfers from 12 clubs.

Competing at the sub14 level, the young player from Palheiro Golf, came to obtain the best ranking among young Madeirans, this time fifth in strokeplay with 171 strokes (88+83), i.e. +29 than the pair of field. André Gonçalves also achieved the feat of reporting an “eagle” on hole 4, on this challenging course, 140 meters distance.

The Circuit's next tournament will be in March 2023, in Oporto, with the presence of 4 of our young athletes:
- Rodrigo Abreu U16
- Maria Camara U14
- André Gonçalves U14
- Salvador Rodrigues U12


Photo © Filipe Guerra / Golftattoo / Portuguese Golf Federation

Yellow Ball Tournament 2022

On December 10, the Yellow Ball Tournament was played at Palheiro Golf. This tournament was played between teams, each consisting of 3 players who, at the beginning of the game, received a yellow ball. The objective was not to lose the ball. The team that lost it was automatically disqualified, continuing only in the individual classification.

Of the 12 teams entered in this tournament, 6 managed to complete the 18 holes without losing the yellow ball.

After the Tournament, the traditional Christmas lunch was held at the Vista Balancal Restaurant, where family and friends joined the players to celebrate this great day and welcome Christmas.

A thank you to the company Mega Drinks which sponsored the wines served during the meal, to Loja do Vinho with the usual sponsorship in the monthly Medal and Stableford Tournaments and also with the sponsorship of the digestives.
After the meal, the Chairman of the Board of Clube Palheiro Golfe, Duarte Rodrigues and his team began the awards ceremony.
In the classification of the Bola Amarela Tournament, the team of Duarte Rodrigues, Nidip Handa and Élia Handa was the best on the field with a total of 40 points. In 2nd place, with 32 points were
António Vasconcelos, Antonio Sales Vieira and Anton Rensburg. The 3rd place on the podium went to Denis Camacho, Fernanda Cuckney and Celina Abreu with 31 points. In the individual classification, the best players on the field were Nidip Handa (38 points), Nuno Sousa (34 points) and John Malkin (34 points).
In the Stableford Gross classification, the winner was Club President Duarte Rodrigues with 30 points.
The Club wishes all its members, family, friends, collaborators and sponsors a Merry Christmas.